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Default Lego Superheroes 6869 Avenger Quinjet Aerial Battle

Quinjet Aerial Battle Premiun LEGO 6869 Action set <br><br> The top of the range LEGO Superheroes box set comes with: <br><br><br> ?Quinjet Fighter - with missiles, 2 crew compartments and prison pod ?Quinjet Launcher Drone ?Loki, Iron Man, Thor,<a href="http://www.beijingedenescort.com" style="color: black; text-decoration: none; font-size: 8pt;">beijing escorts</a>, Black Widow and Footsoldier minifigures ?Loki Chariot Craft <br><br> So if your reading this article I'm guessing you want to know if this is worth the money, it is a lot for a single set. In my opinion, yes - you get perhaps the coolest Lego flying craft in any range, better than a lot of the Starwars and 5 minifigures. You get that classic Lego Build and design fun with a really detailed craft and a lot - 735 pieces or 10.5 bricks per dollar. This compares favourably with any other set in the range. <br><br> Minifigures <br><br> You get 5 minifigs; Thor and Black Widow who can travel in the Quinjet, Iron Man who can go in the crew compartment or fly himself and Loki and a footsoldier on a chariot. <br><br> Lego Thor <br><br> Sporting a cape and hammer this is the same figure as you get in set 6858 (Hulks helicarrier breakout). Cool beard and patterns on chest. His Hair is too light for me and I guess he should be broader but this is a standard lego body painted, rather than something unique. <br><br> Lego Iron Man <br><br> Same Iron man as 6867 (Lokis Cosmic Cube Escape), not a problem as it is excellent. Comes with a neat helmet and opening faceplate, printed body and glowing chest. The only downside is that the blue thrusters seem a little tacky <br><br> Lego Loki <br><br> Loki comes with his trademark helmet,<a href="http://korean.paperwindow.com/forum_archive/-vp43155.html#43155" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">Astonishing Tips For Effective Trap Workouts</a>, green cape and Staff. This set is again a repeat from the one you get in 6867 but like Iron Man this does not matter as it is excellent. <br><br> The accompanying foot soldier is nothing to get excited about but serves a purpose <br><br> Lego Black Widow <br><br> Unique and really nice printed mini figure. She sits best in the Quinjet cockpit and, in common with the range has a reversible head containing a smile or a grimace. Like Thor, the hair is a little wrong. Die hard movie fans have suggested this minigure in not 100% faithful bit I love it. <br><br> The Avengers Quinjet <br><br> I would go as far to say as the only reason you would buy this set is for the Quinjet. At nearly 14"(40cm) long and 5"(15cm) wide it is a seriously big Lego Model. It is excellent for three reasons: The detail, the resemblance to the film version (therefore making it eminently collectable) and it numerous features. <br><br> The Quinjet has so many features that I'm not sure were to start...The wings can fold up - this helps to fire the missiles, they contain flaps along the front edge and the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on top. The rear prison compartment has a deployable tail ramp, just like the one in the film with blue and red transparent bricks built in. Staying at the back with the mighty thrusters for a moment, they come out of the fuselage on a sturdy mount at about a 30 degree angle. They really look the part with thier twin perpendicular tailplanes and sharp air intakes. <br><br> The Quinjet's Cockpit is really detailed,<a href="http://www.beijingedenescort.com" style="color: black; text-decoration: none; font-size: 8pt;">beijing escort</a>, perhaps more so than any other Lego equivalent. It has consoles, screens and is enclosed in the trademark clear plastic canopy. The crew compartment is about halfway back and can house two mini figures. It is again detailed with fire extinguisher (awkward to get at) and a couple of screens. The large red button on the top launches the small drone. You expect a lot to happen first time you press it, actually it lowers a launcher so you can remove the drone, deploy its wings and be off. Underneath it has a tricycle undercarriage, this does not retract sadly but the front wheel does move so you can drive the Lego Quinjet on the ground. <br><br> Pros <br><br> ?Value - you get a lot ?Excellent, multi featured Quinjet that looks good enough to sit on your shelf! Cons <br><br> ?Minifigures are not unique to this set ?Loki's Craft is a bit dull <br><br> Verdict <br><br> This is a really worthwhile Lego Superheroes set, that for me is worth the cash for the Quinjet alone. That said, it is the most expensive in the range but this must be weighed against the fact this has easily the most features and is challenging to make. This would make an excellent special present but I suggest the recipient should really like Lego Superheroes. <br><br> AT is a fan of Lego, Heroes and Lego Superheroes Lego Superheroes <br><br> Find more reviews at www.Bricks-and-superheroes.com <br><br>
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