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Default Arctic presents Freezer 11 LP cooler

Arctic presents Freezer 11 LP cooler

Arcticv Cooling has launched a new CPU cooler dseigned for the smaller systems through its very low profile. Arctic Freezer 11 LP measures only 53mm in height and supports Intel's mid-range platforms LGA775 and LGA1156, with a 92mm fan the temperatures will be kept low and minimal noise. Arctic Freexer LP 11 measures 115 (L) x 106 (W) x 53 (H) mm and weighs only 255 gram. The relatively large fan will operate between 900 and 2000 RPM using a PWM controller, which makes the cooler capable of handling loads up to 90 watt.
Beside curreny Intel platforms Arctic announces that the cooler, that will cost around 20€, will also support Sandy Bridge and LGA1155 processors.

"Inside of all electronic devices is the magical smoke that makes them work , Once you release the magical smoke the device stops working"

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Isto é um verdadeiro low-profile
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Default Brevemente!

Excelente opção low-profile!

Vamos ter em stock, assim que disponível!

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